Influence of different histones on neuron cell death and microglial reactivity

<p>Histone H1 cell death: Images of dissociated embryonic rat cortical neurons exposed to various concentrations of histone 1 (H1) for 48 hours. Some cultures were stained with either propidium iodide (PI - red) or DAPI (blue) after 24 hours to identify dying cells.<br>Chemotaxis raw data: Images of rat microglia in a Boyden chamber stained with RapiDiffII (blue) at different histone 1 (H1) concentrations. Four independent experiments were performed.<br>Astrocytes + histones: Images of rat cortical astrocytes exposed to either 0 or 50nM of histone 1 (H1) and anti-glial acidic fibrillary protein (GFAP).<br>Ox-6 raw data: Images of rat microglia cultured first stained with Iba1 (red), exposed to either 0 or 200nm of histone 1 (H1) for 24 hours before staining with monoclonal mouse anti-rat RT1B antibody (Ox-6; green) to detect MHC-class II. Double-stained cells appear yellow.<br>Adult cond medium gels: Adult conditioned medium made from rat ischaemic brain slices used to isolate histones.<br>Adult explants + embryonic: Images of adult rat cortical explants and E16 embryonic rat cortical explants. Beads are made from agarose coated with Sambucus nigra lectin. See Figure 2 in the main text for labeling of images.<br>Summary raw data sheets: See ‘Legends for summary raw spreadsheets’ in this folder for descriptions of each spreadsheet in this folder.</p> <p> </p>