Incidence of within-limb, interlimb, and muscle reflexes.

Incidence of limbs (left) and muscles (right) in which reflexes were evoked in participants with spinal cord injury (SCI) (filled bars; n = 17) and able-bodied (AB) control participants (open bars; n = 5) by SPN stimulation (A) and RN stimulation (B). Within-limb reflex data are shaded. Muscles from the arm are indicated by BB–biceps brachii, TB–triceps brachii, FCR–flexor carpi radialis, and ECR–extensor carpi radialis, and muscles from the leg are indicated by BF–biceps femoris, QUAD–quadriceps, TA–tibialis anterior, and SOL–soleus. ** indicates significant differences in incidence between within-limb and interlimb reflexes § indicates significant differences in incidence between SCI and AB control groups. * indicates a significant relationship between having a SCI and the outcome (assessed by logistic regression).