Implementing an epilepsy surgery center. Initial experience at a university hospital in Brazil

ABSTRACT Epilepsy is a serious neurological condition, often without a full and effective treatment. In some cases, surgery is beneficial, despite being underused. Our aim herein is to describe the implementation of an epilepsy surgery center in a federal university hospital, sharing the initial experience gained, as well as describing the main challenges and first results. Methods: Experience report of an epilepsy surgery center implementation. Retrospective review of 13 drug-resistant patients who underwent surgical treatment. Results: Thirteen patients underwent surgical epilepsy treatment, five patients categorized as the International League Against Epilepsy class 1, two in class 2, three in class 3, zero in class 4, and two in class 5; with a 30.76% complication rate. Conclusion: Despite the challenges, it was possible to implement an epilepsy surgery center with favorable results and acceptable incidence of complications, which were not higher than the incidences found in more experienced centers.