Impaired responses of cd44-/- bone marrow-derived macrophages.

BMDMs were isolated and differentiated from wild type control and knockout animals. L. monocytogenes were grown to an OD of ∼ 2.2. Bacteria were diluted 1:10.000 (low) or 1:5.000 (high) in infection media and introduced to macrophages as described in Materials and Methods. Cells were harvested 2 and 6 h after infection and analysed by RT-qPCR with (A) murine IFI16 oligos (primers 11 and 12, Table 1) or (B) IFN-β oligos (primers 13 and 14, Table 1) or (C) iNOS oligos (primers 15 and 16, Table 1). Experiments were done in triplicates. For statistics see Materials and methods.