Impactos Econômicos do Aumento das Exportações Brasileiras de Produtos Agrícolas e Agroindustriais para Diferentes Destinos

Abstract: Brazilian export agribusiness activities are considered strategic to the Brazilian trade policy because, besides the contribution to the trade surplus and economic growth in the country, these activities reveal a high degree of insertion in the international trade, both by the number of existing traditional markets and by the capacity to explore new potential markets. Thus, this study analyzes the probable effects of an external demand expansion for agricultural and agroindustrial products in some traditional and potential market, using a Computable General Equilibrium (CGE) model for Brazil, LATES-BR, calibrated to 2011. The projections allow us to do a quantitative assessment of the relative importance of the Brazilian agribusiness traditional and potential markets and it contributes to the ongoing debate of the National Export Plan (PNE). The impacts size of the potential markets, especially countries in South America, when compared with traditional markets, such as the United States of America, is much lower. However, as discussed in our study, the most important issue is not the impact size, but the movement in macroeconomic terms and the trade results, i.e. the potential to explore new markets as an alternative to increase the Brazilian share in the international trade.