Impacted canine in orbita: case report

ABSTRACT The canines are important teeth as regards function, occlusion and esthetics. Disturbances with the eruption of permanent maxillary canines are common. Ectopic eruption of a tooth germ can occur at any time after eruption. It has also been observed that upper canines are affected with eruption disorders more than the third molars. The diagnosis of retained teeth is performed through clinical and radiographic examination, or through the investigation of various complaints, such as pain or orthodontic problems. The dental surgeon should be familiar with the anatomical and functional changes of the impaction, ectopic teeth and the possible repercussions for the patient, because recommendations on the decisions to be taken in cases of canine impaction, are determined through a careful study of each case. The purpose of this paper is to report a rare case of a buried canine in the proximity of the orbital border.