Impact & Ethical Issues of Scholar Publication

2015-06-19T14:01:47Z (GMT) by Sylvie Vullioud
<p>This figure was used in a PhD course in Switzerland as an introduction to impact and ethical issues of scientific publication.</p> <p>Behind the apparent classical and traditional form of a Research Paper, ie Title | Authors | Introduction | Material & Methods | Results | Discussion | Bibliography | Acknowledgement | Declaration of conflict of interest | Bibliography, there are several new practices of publication.</p> <p>The digital Research Paper can be linked to Open Research Data set and/or Data Paper, and the section Material & Methods can be linked to Open Protocols or to supplementary material with exhaustive reporting. The Research Paper itself may be immediately Open Access for researchers, citizen and governments. With the rise of Open Research Data, and increasing collaborative science, even rules applied for authorship may change. Post Reviewing and Open Reviewing may change the way and tools for the evaluation of science validity.</p> <p>Some claim that these new tendencies may improve science reproducibility and evaluation of bias, and may enhance reuse of data for new discoveries. Open Publication trends would participate to the wider Open Science movement. </p> <p>But one should also pay attention to personal data protection and should avoid predatory journals and publishers. Research Paper visibility is a challenge today, because of overload of scientific information. Therefore, journal selection should take into account indexation by search tools, and metadata keywords should be chosen carefully.</p>