Iigaya et al PLoS ONE 2016 - Data for all sessions

2017-01-18T19:46:23Z (GMT) by Mike Mendl
The data_files.zip folder contains data for all 48 subjects as used in the Matlab analysis of Sessions 1-3. Each subject's data are in a separate excel file with the subject number (two digits) followed by _output as the filename. Each excel file contains 3 separate sheets as follows:<div><br></div><div>Sheet 1: Data from Session 1 (70 trials): ambig = ambiguity of the visual stimulus (see Methods section of paper); loss = threatened loss on each trial and wins = offered win (1= 0 pence; 2=10 pence; 3=20 pence; 4=30 pence etc.); choice = key pressed (1= SAFE key; 2 = REW key)</div><div><br></div><div>Sheet 2: Data from Session 2 (10 training trials - not analysed): key as for Sheet 1</div><div><br></div><div>Sheet 3: Data from Session 3 (250 trials): key as for Sheet 1</div><div><br></div><div>A separate excel file contains 'questionnaire data' (and is given this name). In this file: Subject = subject id; PleasantUnpleasant = treatment group (pl=pleasant, un=unpleasant); Questionnnaire data are identified by measure type (ValGrid= valence score on Affect Grid; ActGrid= activation score on Affect Grid; PA= positive activation on PANS; NA= negative activation on PANAS) and whether the measure was taken at baseline (pre), after Session 1 (during) or after Session 2 (post).</div>