ISM equation of state and <i>PVTx</i> profile of polymer solutions

2018-07-11T17:03:59Z (GMT) by Sayed Mostafa Hosseini
<p>An analytical equation of state (EoS) has been previously employed to predict the volumetric profile of several molten polymers. The appearing temperature-dependent parameters in the EoS were determined using corresponding states correlations based on the molecular scaling constants, dispersive energy parameters between segments/monomers (<i>ε</i>) and segment diameter (<i>σ</i>). In this study, that EoS was extended to several copolymer melts for predicting their specific volumes and some mechanical coefficients. The ability of the EoS has been evaluated by comparing the results with 738 literature data points for the specific volumes of four copolymer melts over the temperature range from 422.35 to 506 K and pressures up to 200 MPa. The average absolute deviation (AAD) of the calculated specific volumes from literature data was found to be 1.12%. The EoS was also extended to predict <i>PVTx</i> behaviour of seven polymer solutions involving molecular solvents such as water, anisole, 1-octanol and propane by the use of some operating interaction parameter between polymer-solvent molecules. Our calculations on the <i>PVTx</i> profile of studied solutions predicted 1212 experimental data points over the pressure range within 0.1–50 MPa with the AAD equal to 0.96%.</p>