<div><p>ABSTRACT Purpose: To identify the Internal Migration Theory application to the corporate governance subject in an autarchy. Originality/value: The originality of this paper lies in the geographically recognized Internal Migration Theory, which is also recognized within the anthropological-organizational context by an organizational culture in which moral harassment leads to constant movements of new servers in the probationary stage. Design/methodology/approach: The research uses a structured interview to collect empirical data. The review of the literature is restricted to Internal Migration Theory and corporate governance in the microcosm of its application by public institutions, regarding the treatment of moral harassment to servers in the probationary stage. Findings: The results suggest that the Internal Migration Theory can be included in corporate governance regarding the public servant request in the probationary stage movement. The creation of the probation evaluation committee for the incoming public servant has created transparency in bullying and server movement, contributing to corporate governance.</p></div>