Hypolipidemic effect of steroid compound from <i>Cestrum diurnum</i> (Solanaceae: Solanales) in normocholesterolemic albino rat

<p>The present study was carried out to establish the hypolipidemic effect of a phyto-steroid compound isolated from the chloroform: methanol extract of fresh mature leaves of the plant <i>Cestrum diurnum</i> (Solanaceae: Solanales)<i>.</i> Change in the haematological parameters was studied in normocholesterolemic albino rats after oral administration of single dose of isolated phytosteroid (2 mg/ day) up to 15 days and compared with control rats. Application of phytosteroid fraction resulted in a significant reduction in total plasma cholesterol and free cholesterol levels. The plasma triglyceride levels also decreased significantly. A sharp increase in the HDL cholesterol level and a significant decrease in the LDL and VLDL amount were also documented. Free fatty acid level was significantly low in treated rats.</p>