Hymenoptera: UCE and Exon bait sets from Branstetter et al. 2017.

2017-02-08T17:29:50Z (GMT) by Brant Faircloth Michael Branstetter
This file provides a brief description of each of the bait set files.

(1) 'hymenoptera-v2-PRINCIPAL-bait-set.fasta': This file includes 27,495 uce baits designed from 7 Hymenoptera genomes. This is the 'principal hym-v2 bait bait set' described in the paper.

(2) 'hymenoptera-v2-ANT-SPECIFIC-uce-baits.fasta': This file includes 9,446 uce baits designed from two ant genomes. It includes baits targeting uce loci only. The exon baits are included in separate files (described below).

(3) 'hymenoptera-v2-ANT-SPECIFIC-exon-baits-by-exon.fasta': This file includes 452 baits targeting legacy markers (exons) in ants. The baits target 16 exons from 12 genes and include sequences from 4 different ant taxa. The baits are organized by exon.

(4) 'hymenoptera-v2-ANT-SPECIFIC-exon-baits-by-gene.fasta': Same as (3), except that the baits are organized by gene.

(5) 'ANT-exon-sequences-40-taxa.fasta': Exon sequences from 12 legacy markers for 40 ant species (Ward, unpublished data). We used these sequences as 'baits' to extract exon data from enriched samples. The sequences are grouped by gene.

(6) 'ANT-exon-sequences-40-taxa-reduced.fasta': Same as (5), except that several exons were excluded so that each gene would only be represented by a single exon. This file worked the best for extracting exon data from enriched samples using PHYLUCE.




CC BY 4.0