Humoral immune response against two surface antigens of <i>Chlamydia pecorum</i> in vaccinated and naturally infected sheep - Fig 2

<p><b>Anti-PmpG and anti-MOMP-G IgG end point titre (EPT) in lambs with naturally occurring <i>C</i>. <i>pecorum</i> infections at 2, 6 and 10 months of age, clearance of infection (n = 13) (A), recurring infections (n = 7) (B). Comparison of anti-PmpG and anti-MOMP-G IgG EPT in acute phase infection (n = 33) versus polyarthritis (n = 20) versus negative controls (n = 13) (C).</b> Fig 2A represents anti-PmpG and anti-MOMP-G IgG EPT values in clearance of infection group, peak infection occurred at 6 months of age followed by infection clearance by 10 months of age. Fig 2B represents EPT values in recurring infections group, predominantly primary infection peak occurred at 6 months followed by a secondary infection at 10 months. Fig 2C represents a cross-sectional comparison of EPT values of (a) acute infections derived from animals at 6 month time point of clearance of infection groups, 2, 6 and 10 month time point of recurring infection groups when lambs were <i>C</i>. <i>pecorum</i> DNA PCR positive (b) lambs with polyarthritis and (c) negative controls <i>i</i>.<i>e</i>., lambs at two month time point from clearance of infections group that were <i>C</i>. <i>pecorum</i> DNA PCR negative).</p>