Highly Efficient P3HT: C60 Solar Cell Free of Annealing Process

All conjugated C<sub>60</sub>-containing block copolymers (BCPs) based on quasi-living Grignard metathesis (GRIM) polymerization have been designed and synthesized for application in polymer solar cells (PSCs). The C<sub>60</sub>-containing BCP can induce the formation of a self-organization nanostructure of P3HT domain. Moreover, this C<sub>60</sub>-containing BCP serves as a compatibilizer to reduce the interfacial tension between the P3HT and C<sub>60</sub>, thus help establishing a moderate phase-separated morphology with crystalline P3HT and C<sub>60</sub> domain. The performance up to 2.56%(AM 1.5G irradiation (100 mW/cm<sup>2</sup>)) of a P3HT:C60 device can be achieved by using C<sub>60</sub>–BCP as additive without any post-treatment.