High Uptakes of CO<sub>2</sub> and CH<sub>4</sub> in Mesoporous MetalOrganic Frameworks MIL-100 and MIL-101

Mesoporous MOFs MIL-100 and MIL-101 adsorb huge amounts of CO<sub>2</sub> and CH<sub>4</sub>. Characterization was performed using both manometry and gravimetry in different laboratories for isotherms coupled with microcalorimetry and FTIR to specify the gassolid interactions. In particular, the uptake of carbon dioxide in MIL-101 has been shown to occur with a record capacity of 40 mmol g<sup>−1</sup> or 390 cm<sup>3</sup><sub>STP</sub> cm<sup>−3</sup> at 5 MPa and 303 K.