High-resolution morpho-bathymetry of the Gulf of Naples, Eastern Tyrrhenian Sea

We present a high-resolution bathymetric map of the Gulf of Naples (Italy), which is surrounded by the two main volcanic complexes of Mt. Somma-Vesuvius and Phlegrean Fields. The morphology is obtained from swath bathymetric in a Digital Terrain Model with a 5 m grid cell size. Bathymetric data display the main seafloor morphologies with a resolution never obtained before. These morphologies include the Ammontatura and Dohrn Canyons, the Penta Palummo, Nisida, Miseno and Banco della Montagna banks, and the bathymetric features of the submerged sector of the Somma-Vesuvius volcano. Overall, a prevailing volcanic nature characterizes the seafloor morphologies located in the northern sector, while the southern one is dominated by sedimentary features. The Final Map could be useful for the evaluation of the volcano-related hazards in the area.