High-Level Expression of a Biologically Active Staphylokinase in Pichia Pastoris

Staphylokinase (SAK) as the third generation thrombolytic molecule is a promising agent for the treatment of thrombosis.

SAK variant of SAKфC was expressed in Pichia pastoris strains KM71H and GS115. The codon adaptation index of SAK was improved from 0.75 to 0.89. The expression of recombinant SAK (rSAK) reached to its maximum (310 mg/L of the culture medium) after 48 h stimulation with 3% methanol and remained steady until day 5. The maximum activity of the enzyme was at pH 8.6 and 37°C. It was highly active at temperatures 20-37°C and pH ranges of 6.8-9 (relative residual activity more than 80%). It was determined that rSAK was 73.8% of the total proteins secreted by P. pastoris KM71H into the culture media. The specific activities of rSAK was measured as 9002 U/mg, and 21042 U/mg for the non-purified and purified proteins, respectively. The quantity of the purified protein (>99% purity) was 720 µg/ml with a purification factor of 2.34. Western blot analysis showed two bands of nearly 22 and 18.6 kDa.

It was concluded that P. pastoris is a proper host for expression of biologically active and endotoxin-free rSAK due to its high expression and low protein impurity in culture supernatant.