Growth kinetics and diosgenin estimation from callus cultures of <i>Costus speciosus</i> (Koen. ex. Retz.)

<p>The present investigation reports the growth kinetics and diosgenin accumulation in callus cultures of <i>Costus speciosus</i>. Effect of explants, media and plant growth regulators was evaluated with respect to callus induction and growth. Out of the two explants <i>viz</i> pseudostem and seed, pseudostem showed maximum callus induction frequency of 90% on MS medium. The fresh weight of callus was maximum (9-folds) on 28th day on 1.0 mg/L picloram containing medium. The callus obtained was white compact hard (WCH). For growth kinetics study pseudostem derived callus was transferred on different media supplemented with 1.0 mg/L picloram. All phases of growth were seen in callus inoculated on all the three media except the absence of stationary phase on MS and SH media. MS medium proved to be the best for maximum biomass accumulation (9-fold) on 28th day of culture and callus in post-exponential phase showed maximum diosgenin accumulation (33 ppm).</p>