Green synthesis and antioxidant activity of novel series of benzofurans from euparin extracted of <i>Petasites hybridus</i>

2018-01-29T06:32:16Z (GMT) by Elham Ezzatzadeh Zinatossadat Hossaini
<p>A novel class of benzofuran derivatives is prepared from the isocyanide-based MCR, euparin and aldehydes in the presence of ZnO-nanorods as a catalyst in excellent yields at room temperature under solvent-free conditions as a green reaction medium. Also, the antioxidant activities of some synthesised compounds such as <b>4a</b>, <b>4b</b>, <b>10a</b> and <b>10b</b> were evaluated by DPPH radical scavenging and ferric reduction activity potential (FRAP) assays. Compound <b>10b</b>, was shown moderate radical scavenging activity and very good reducing activity compared to standards (BHT and TBHQ).</p>