Graph properties at the two resolution levels, <i>G</i><sub>19×19</sub> and <i>G</i><sub>125×125</sub>.

<p>(a,b) In- and out-degree distributions and the fit obtained through the exponential distance rule (EDR) model (being a random model provides the same distribution for in- and out-degree). (c,d) Degree ranking and its EDR fit. Nodes are listed as function of their in- (top, red) and out-degree ranking (bottom, blue). In (d) only the first 20 nodes are listed, the inset shows the whole ranking plot for all 125 nodes. (e,f) Histogram of node-betweenness values. (g,h) Histogram of edge-betweenness values. Insets in (f,h) show the histograms on log-linear scale.</p>