Gill et al 2015 Trial II processed subset

2016-03-12T15:43:06Z (GMT) by Dan Stowell
<br>A processed subset of zebra finch calling data from:<br><br>   Gill LF, Goymann W, Ter Maat A, Gahr M.<br>   Patterns of call communication between group-housed zebra finches change during the breeding cycle.<br>   eLife. 2015;4<br><br><br>Each of the "gill_rawfile*" CSV files contains timestamped event data in the following format:<br><br>    starttime,duration,channel<br><br>Where the start time is in seconds, the duration is not used in this dataset and so it is fixed at 0 so that the data format is compatible with the zf4f dataset. The "channel" simply indexes the individual who calls (for the "*ind" files), or for the "*type" files it combines who calls with which call they produce. See the "key" CSV files for lookup tables that help you to understand what the channels mean.<br><br>Note that the sessions are numbered 1,4,5,6 as given in these CSV filenames. These actually correspond to sessions 1,7,11,18 as given in the Gill et al paper; in other words these data files correspond to the same days as plotted in their Fig 5A for "Trial II".<br><br>