Giant Zn<sub>14</sub> Molecular Building Block in Hydrogen-Bonded Network with Permanent Porosity for Gas Uptake

<i>In situ</i> imidazolate-4,5-diamide-2-olate linker generation leads to the formation of a [Zn<sub>14</sub>(L2)<sub>12</sub>(O)­(OH)<sub>2</sub>(H<sub>2</sub>O)<sub>4</sub>] molecular building block (MBB) with a Zn<sub>6</sub> octahedron inscribed in a Zn<sub>8</sub> cube. The MBBs connect by amide–amide hydrogen bonds to a 3D robust supramolecular network which can be activated for N<sub>2</sub>, CO<sub>2</sub>, CH<sub>4</sub>, and H<sub>2</sub> gas sorption.