Geomorphology of the Pinios River delta, Central Greece

<p>This paper presents the results of geomorphological investigations carried out on the Pinios River delta, which is a Late Holocene arcuate type delta, located in the southern Thermaikos Gulf (Central Greece). Digital elevation model (DEM) analysis and the study of maps of the last two centuries, accompanied by field survey and aerial photo interpretation have led to the production of a geomorphological map at 1:15,000 scale which outlines the features of the deltaic plain and coastal zone. The evolution and the associated morphology of the delta are the result of the complex interplay of fluvial sedimentation, wave activity and prevailing longshore currents. The dominant landforms of the delta are the numerous abandoned meandering channels, as the river has changed its course several times, and a series of sub-parallel linear sandy beach ridges (cheniers) occupy the lower delta plain. The shoreline of the delta is generally retreating due to marine processes, especially where former river mouths occur whereas the presently active mouth of the river and its immediate surrounds are prograding.</p>