Geography 101 - Periodos Ges - Hydrographical Iconography in Quire 13 of Beinecke MS408, Folios 75 through 84

2015-06-21T01:00:51Z (GMT) by Linda Snider

The purpose of this document is to outline the idea that Beinecke MS408 folios 75 through 84 encode hydrographic and geographic information within the diagrams.

Specifically, Quire 13 appears to portray a tour around the Ecumene via various coastal and riparian shorelines. In addition to being a description of places and routes of travel around the known world of the past, it also features a wealth of hydrographic variety, and includes references to myth, ecumenism, and the history of civilization. Proposed new ordering of the folios will be outlined based on the contents. Original posted Feb 14 2015, edited Feb 21 2015 and June 20 2015.