GeoHive Administrative Boundaries Dataset

This dataset contains ontologies, full dump of the administrative boundary dataset (in NQUADS) of, and metadata about the dataset using VOID. Data are derived from Ordnance Survey Ireland (OSi), Ireland’s national mapping agency.

fulldump.nq - full dump of the rdf administrative boundary dataset in N-Quads, a line-based, plain text RDF format.
osi_prov.rdf - OSi Provenance Ontology in RDF format
osi_voc.rdf - OSi Boundary Ontology in RDF format
fulldumpmetadata.ttl - metadata in Terse RDF Triple Language describing the full dump of the rdf administrative boundary dataset.

All data files can be accessed through openly-available text edit software. URIs resolve to either HTML pages or RDF serialization by means of content negotiation.

Background: aims to provide an authoritative service for serving Ireland’s national geospatial data as Linked Data. The service currently provides information on Irish administrative boundaries and the boundaries used for the Irish 2011 census. The service is designed to support two use cases: serving boundary data of geographic features at various level of detail and capturing the evolution of administrative boundaries. In the associated paper, we report on the development of the service and elaborate on some of the informed decisions concerned with the URI strategy and use of named graphs for the support of aforementioned use cases – relating those with similar initiatives.