Gene Expression Atlas of Schistosoma mansoni - Part II

This is the second part (part II of two) of the data set obtained from the RNA-Seq analysis of transcriptomes of adult <i>Schistosoma mansoni </i>and their gonads. All genes represented by transcripts identified in the analysis were given by their Smp numbers. In addition to the average transcript amounts (Reads per Kilobase Million (RPKM), Y-axis) and occurrence, log<sub>2</sub> ratios were given as well as adjusted <i>P</i> values of pairing-, gender,- and tissue-related expression patterns. Custom codes to generate the data are given in a separate file.<br>Abbreviations used for the bar plots (X-axis) are:<br>bM (bisex males), paired males; sM (single-sex males), unpaired males; bF (bisex females), paired females; sF (single-sex females), unpaired females; bT, testis of bM; sT, testis of sM; bO, ovary of bM; sO, ovary of sO. <br>