Geant4-DNA visualization: Evolution of 1 keV electron track in liquid water in space and time

<p>Geant4-DNA generated track of 1 keV electron, followed up to 100 ns during chemical stage.<br>Using pre-release Geant4 10.1 code.</p> <p>First, the physical stage of radiation action is modeled, using Geant4-DNA physics. 1 keV electron track is fully slowed down and thermalized in a 150 nm sphere of liquid water.</p> <p>Yellow points correspond to interaction events in liquid water.</p> <p>Next, the chemical stage simulation for first 100 ns is visualized. Individual radical species diffusing in space and reacting with each other are shown as colour trails, the color coding chemical species type.</p> <p>References:</p> <p>Geant4 10.0, patch 01, Geant4 DNA chemistry code e964ead.<br>Code using the chem3 example by M. Karamitros, S. Meylan, Y. Perrot and V. Štěpán, video rendered by V. Štěpán on March 31, 2014.</p> <p>Internal ref: chem3-100ns-1kev-e</p> <p> </p>