Flora of the Espírito Santo: Micropholis (Sapotaceae-Chrysophylloideae)

Abstract Herein, we provide information about morphological data, geographic distribution and conservation status for native species of Micropholis from Espírito Santo state (ES), Brazil. A total of five species were found: M. compta, M. crassipedicellata, M. gardneriana, M. guyanensis subsp. guyanensis, and M. venulosa. They represent 100% of the known species of Micropholis from the Brazilian Atlantic rainforest. The most important characters for distinguishing the species are: type and color of indument on the young branches, leaf shape, midrib sunken or not on the upper leaf surface, distinguishable secondary veins from the tertiary ones. Micropholis gardneriana constitutes a new record for the Espírito Santo state. Amongst Micropholis species from ES, only Micropholis compta is considered as Near Threatened (NT).