2018-09-06T13:55:09Z (GMT) by C.D. Vavourakis
<p>Alignments (.mafft) were made based on 8-16 ribosomal proteins of 871 MAGs reconstructed from metagenomes from hypersaline soda lake sediments and reference genomes used to construct a tree of life (Hug, L. A., Baker, B. J., Anantharaman, K., Brown, C. T., Probst, A. J., Castelle, C. J., ... & Suzuki, Y. (2016). A new view of the tree of life. <i>Nature microbiology</i>, <i>1</i>, 16048.).</p><p>Phylogenetic trees were constructed with Fasttree and 100x posterior bootstraps were calculated (.tre).</p><p>Trees and metadata can be visualized in iTOL (<a href=""></a>) with the accompanied datafiles (.txt)</p>