Fast Formation of a Supramolecular Ion Gel/ Solvoplastic Elastomer with Excellent Stretchability

<p>This study describes a simple yet efficient approach for the preparation of an ionic gel that is also elastomeric in its solid state bulk form. A series of poly(2-(Diethylamino)ethyl methacrylate-<i>co</i>-Lauryl methacrylate) P(DMAEMA-<i>co</i>-LMA) copolymer were synthesized first by radical polymerization. Quaternization of the PDMAEMA component in THF enables the formation of supramolecular network, gave rise to an ion gel. An elastomer with excellent stretching ability was obtained from the gel. The elastomer, connected by supramolecular ionic crosslinks, is solvoplastic in certain solvent. The simple yet efficient approach of the formation of ion-gel and the dried elastomer allows fast preparation of both gel-like and solid-state elastic materials for various applications where recyclability are required. </p>