Facile sonochemical heterocyclization of 2,5-dimethoxy tetrahydrofuran with primary amines using sulfonated MWCNTs as a recyclable catalyst in aqueous media

2017-11-03T11:49:58Z (GMT) by Hossein Naeimi Mahla Dadaei
<p>A set of <i>N</i>-substituted pyrrole derivatives have been designed and synthesized using sulfonated multi-walled carbon nanotubes as a recyclable heterogeneous catalyst under ultrasound irradiation. This reaction was carried out between 2,5-dimethoxy tetrahydrofuran and primary amines in water under green conditions. This method has some advantages such as: short reaction times, excellent product yields, simplicity of the procedure, easy work-up and high purity of products.</p>