F1000 and figshare Case Study

2015-09-29T13:54:52Z (GMT) by Alan Hyndman Stephen Cawley
<p>F1000Research is an Open Science publishing platform for life scientists, offering immediate publication followed by transparent refereeing of scientific papers. Managing Director Rebecca Lawrence says that the two-year old platform is changing the way publishing is done in a number of respects.</p> <p>First, it reduces the time between when a researcher is ready to share their research and when it actually becomes publicly available for the scientific community to use, analyze and discuss the findings (typically about 7 days). This is largely achieved through process innovation.</p> <p>Secondly, F1000Research’s transparent invited peer review process, conducted post-publication, aims to tackle the bias that is inherent in the traditional anonymous peer-review and pre-publication processes, where papers move from journal to journal, causing a negative impact on both speed of publication and disclosure of findings.</p> <p>This case study looks at why F1000 chose figshare for their data hosting and visualisation needs.</p>