Extended dive trace with intermittent sonar exposures from Diving behaviour of Cuvier's beaked whales exposed to two types of military sonar

An extended dive trace from ZcTag036 including periods with and without both types of MFAS use. Dives are depicted using duration, maximum depth, and shape as reported from the Behaviour Log; the whale's precise location in the water column at a given point in time was not known. MFAS use at any point in the dive is indicated by colour: red for high-power MFAS, blue for mid-power MFAS, and purple for both types. Distance to the nearest MFAS source is indicated by shaded blocks of time along the x-axis: dark grey for sources within 25 km, medium grey for sources from 25-50 km, and light grey for sources beyond 50 km (maximum distance in this sample was 109 km).