Expression of components of the SUMOylation machinery.

<p>Protein and mRNA expression was monitored over time in induced Akata-Bx1 by qPCR and western blot. (<b>A</b>) Levels of specific mRNAs measured by qPCR. The results are shown as fold change relative to the expression at time 0. The mean ± SD of three or more experiments each performed in triplicate is shown. (<b>B</b>) Representative western blots illustrating the increased expression of SUMO2, PIAS1 and SENP6 and decreased expression of RNF4. β-actin was used as loading control. One representative western blot out of three where the proteins were tested in parallel is shown. (<b>C</b>) Quantification of protein expression. The mean ± SD of three experiments is shown. Statistical significance calculated by student’s T-test is indicated as: ** = p<0.001, *** = p<0.0001.</p>