Expression of CD150 isoforms in CLL B cells.

<p>mRNA expression levels of CD150 isoforms were determined in normal CD19<sup>+</sup> and CD5<sup>+</sup> peripheral blood B cells and CLL samples that were grouped according to csCD150 expression: csCD150<sup>-</sup> CLL cases (third column) and csCD150<sup>+</sup> CLL cases with more than 6% of CD150<sup>+</sup> cells (fourth column). (A) Expression levels of the transmembrane canonical mCD150 isoform. (B) Expression of nCD150 isoform with an alternative cytoplasmic tail. (C) Expression of soluble sCD150 isoform lacking a transmembrane region. * p<0.05 compared to CD19<sup>+</sup> B cells, ** p<0.05 compared to CD5<sup>+</sup> B cells. The qRT-PCR analysis. Expression of all isoforms was normalised to TBP expression levels. Box plots showed quartiles, median, minimum and maximum value. (D) CLL B cells secrete sCD150 in culture media. Western blot analysis of culture supernatants (tracks 2–4), 5x concentrate of culture supernatants (tracks 5–7) from 3 of 9 tested patients. Track 1 –control culture media. (E) The level of sCD150 in CLL patients’ blood sera, ELISA.</p>