Experiential workshops: reflections on human rights of persons with disabilities

<p></p><p>Abstract Considering the increased attention to the inclusion of persons with disabilities in society, it is essential for future teachers, students of undergraduate programs, understand how people with disabilities realize their life, fit, day to day living and participate of community life. This study aims to report the experiential workshops, the project "Experiencing Disability: (mis) educating to include" held by the 638 students enrolled in the course Educational Psychology at the Federal University of Uberlândia (MG). The workshops were conducted by the experience simulation of disabilities, with participants putting themselves in another's place, with equipment that simulate visual and / or hearing impairments. In the final assessment, it is explicit, the commitment to be multipliers of accessibility and the need for disciplines that work Human Rights, specifically for people with disabilities to break stereotypes.</p><p></p>