Expansion at the Carolina Gold Select Xo1 locus and identification of an Xo1 candidate.

(a) Comparison of the Xo1 locus in Carolina Gold Select and in Nipponbare. Areas of darker color on the two cartoon loci connected by gray shading represent regions of high similarity. Triangles indicate positions of NLR genes predicted by NLR-Annotator, designated from left to right as CGS-Xo11 through CGS-Xo114 in Carolina Gold Select and Nb-xo11 through Nb-xo17 in Nipponbare. Filled triangles indicate NLR genes expressed in leaf tissue during infection (see text and S9 Table). (b) An excerpt of the phylogenetic tree from Fig 1A containing the NLR genes at the Xo1 locus and two known resistance genes, Xa1 and Pi63. NLR genes encoding an integrated zfBED domain fall into two clades, which we designate as Xo1 clades I and II. Branches with bootstrap support greater than 80 percent are indicated with pink squares. Interactive tree available at http://itol.embl.de/shared/acr242.