Exemplar OCC dataset from Springer Nature metadata

2016-07-11T21:08:00Z (GMT) by Silvio Peroni David Shotton
This archive contains an exemplar dataset of the information obtained running the main tools used for building the OpenCitations Corpus (http://opencitations.net) on the metadata of the 67 articles included in the Proceedings of the 14th International Semantic Web Conference gently provided by Springer Nature.<br><br>Some statistics of the information in this dataset:<br>- number of citing/cited objects: 1441<br>- number of citations: 1531<br>- number of containers (journals, proceedings, books, etc.): 411<br>- number of publishers: 42<br>- number of authors: 3076<br>- number of authors with ORCID: 157<br>- number of RDF statements: 69995<br>