Evaluation of hierarchy of cyanotoxin removal by adsorption onto granular activated carbon

ABSTRACT This study focused on the simultaneous removal of two cyanotoxins - microcystin-LR and saxitoxin-STX - by means of adsorption onto granular activated carbon. In first step, three carbons with different granulometry (dende coconut and mineral) were evaluated on adsorption of microcystin-LR in distilled and treated waters in concentrations at about 3.9 to 9.4 ug.L-1. The dende coconut carbon with lower granulometry showed higher performance according to the limits established by Brazilian Drinking Water Standards. In second step, with the selected carbon in previous step, concentrations of the two cyanotoxins 50% higher than those limits were dispersed in distilled water. The tests pointed out that only saxitoxin-STX removal was not affect by the presence both cyanotoxins.