European tree mortality information

This dataset provides consistent European tree mortality information from 2002 to 2012.

Description of dataset:

id_plot ... ID of plot
lat_MODIS ... latitude of centerpoint of corresponding cell of MODIS grid, in degrees using WGS84, accuracy 1 km
lon_MODIS ... longitude of centerpoint of MODIS cell, see above
id_plot ... ID of tree
year ... year of observation of trees status
species ... tree species group of tree: 1 pioneer conifers, 2 shade tolerant conifers, 3 mediterranean conifers, 4 fast growing deciduous, 5 light demanding broadleaf, 6 shade tolerant broadleaf, 7 evergreen broadleaf, 9 unclassified
age ... age class of forest stand: 1 0-20 years, 2 21-40 years, 3 41-60 years, 4 61-80 years, 5 81-100 years, 6 101-120 years, 7 >120 years
status ... status of tree: 0 alive, 1 dead

The file contains processed results derived using tree data from the ICP Forests database with falsified locations centered using the grid system of MODIS satellite data. For access to the original data please contact the data holder, ICP Forests (

This analysis is based on data collected by partners of the official UNECE ICP Forests Network ( Part of the data was co-financed by the European Commission (data received on 05.12.2015).

For details see the corresponding scientific publication.

Neumann, M., Mues, V., Moreno, A., Hasenauer, H., Seidl, R. (2017). Climate variability drives recent tree mortality in Europe. Global Change Biology. 10.1111/gcb.13724