Establishment of hypothalamus-derived cell lines from chromogranin A promoter-CreERT2/CAG-promoter-lox-STOP-lox-SV40 Tag transgenic mice.

a, b. DNA constructs for chromogranin A promoter-CreERT2 (a) and CAG-promoter-lox-STOP-lox-SV40 Tag transgenic mice (b). Cre-mediated recombination was confirmed by crossing chromogranin A promoter-CreERT2 mice with Cre-reporter mice (Rosa-CAG-LSL-ZsGreen1). c-k. Duodenum (c-e), pancreas (f-h) and hypothalamus (i-k) were stained with anti-chromogranin A (c: ZsGreen, d: chromogranin A, e: merge), anti-insulin (f: ZsGreen, g: insulin, h: merge), and anti-neuron specific enolase (NSE; i: ZsGreen, j: NSE, k: merge), respectively. l: Unstained hypothalamus.