Epoxidized natural rubber and hydrotalcite compounds: rheological and thermal characterization

<div><p>Abstract Epoxidized natural rubber (ENR) and synthetic non-modified hydrotalcite (HT) compounds were prepared and evaluated. Natural rubber (NR) was epoxidized with 20.6% of epoxy groups from a chemical modification of the latex. A sulfur-based curing system formulation with accelerators was used. The amounts of HT in the ENR-HT compositions was varied between 0, 2, 3 and 5 phr. All compositions were evaluated as to cure parameters, rheological properties, thermal resistance and crosslink density. The results showed that the mineral filler does not have a significant influence on the cure parameters. Different methods of crosslink density determination were used (swelling at equilibrium and elastic modulus). The results turn out to be equivalent and rise as the amount of filler is increased. The best results were found for the 5 phr hydrotalcite compound (ENR-HT5).</p></div>