Environmental concentrations of metformin exposure affect aggressive behavior in the Siamese fighting fish, <i>Betta splendens</i> - Fig 1

<p>(A) Arrangement of 9.5 L (30 X 15 X 15 cm) aquaria used for all behavioral assays throughout the five-month study period. The subject in its home tank was placed between a pair of aquaria each housing an adjustable motorized belt and pulley system. The male dummy stimulus was attached to the pulley system situated in the aquarium to the right side of the subject’s home tank for all behavioral assays. When the apparatus was turned on, the dummy fish began ‘pacing’ back and forth along the glass facing the subject tank. An iPad was used to record the subject’s behavior for 5 min following the removal of opaque barriers blocking his view of the dummy in the neighboring tank. (B) Image used to create the 6.3 cm total length male dummy used in all behavioral assays.</p>