Enthalpy of Dilution of Aqueous [C<sub>4</sub>mim][Gly] at 298.15 K

A novel amino acid ionic liquid [C<sub>4</sub>mim][Gly] (1-butyl-3-methylimidazolium glycine) was prepared by a neutralization method. The molar enthalpies of dilution, Δ<sub>D</sub><i>H</i><sub>m</sub>(<i>m</i><sub>i</sub>→<i>m</i><sub>f</sub>), of aqueous [C<sub>4</sub>mim][Gly] at various molalities were measured at (298.15 ± 0.01) K. The values of the apparent relative molar enthalpy, <sup>φ</sup><i>L</i>, were calculated by using both the extended Debye−Hückel equation and the Pitzer equation, which were in good agreement within experimental error. In terms of <sup>φ</sup><i>L</i>, the molar enthalpies of solution of [C<sub>4</sub>mim][Gly], Δ<sub>s</sub><i>H</i><sub>m</sub>, at various molalities were estimated. The estimated values of Δ<sub>s</sub><i>H</i><sub>m</sub> were consistent with the experimental values previously obtained.