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Enhanced Mechanical Properties of Graphene (Reduced Graphene Oxide)/Aluminum Composites with a Bioinspired Nanolaminated Structure

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posted on 09.12.2015 by Zan Li, Qiang Guo, Zhiqiang Li, Genlian Fan, Ding-Bang Xiong, Yishi Su, Jie Zhang, Di Zhang
Bulk graphene (reduced graphene oxide)-reinforced Al matrix composites with a bioinspired nanolaminated microstructure were fabricated via a composite powder assembly approach. Compared with the unreinforced Al matrix, these composites were shown to possess significantly improved stiffness and tensile strength, and a similar or even slightly higher total elongation. These observations were interpreted by the facilitated load transfer between graphene and the Al matrix, and the extrinsic toughening effect as a result of the nanolaminated microstructure.