Empathic understanding and possible contributions to research in organizational studies: reflections from the experience of the aesthetic side of organizations

<p></p><p>Abstract The method of Weberian understanding has been the subject of discussion and debate over time. However, specifically, empathic understanding is still little explored, especially in the study of Brazilian organizations. After searching on major databases and journals hosted on the website Periódicos CAPES, we found that there is little academic literature that follows the path of empathic understanding, specifically in the field of Organizational Studies in Brazil. Therefore, we seek to bring in this study some considerations about the rescue of empathic understanding for the research. Considering the approach of organizational aesthetics as a backdrop, the discussion articulates the epistemological foundations of empathic understanding proposed by Weber’s sociology. This recommends that studies in the field of Social Sciences are anchored primarily in understanding the meaning of individual action to understand why they act a certain way. Following the discussion, we reflect on the possible contributions that empathic understanding can bring to research, considering the idea of the researcher as a key to building the research corpus and the plausibility of knowledge obtained without necessarily undertaking the action. This article serves as a trigger for the development of other discussions about the possibilities of contribution of empathic understanding for the research in Organization Studies.</p><p></p>