Electronic supplementary material, tables S1-S4 from The genetics of mate preferences in hybrids between two young and sympatric Lake Victoria cichlid species

Tables S1-S4. The supplement tables contain all microsatellite paternity analyses of the females used in the present study. Table S1 contains the spawning decisions of all F2 hybrid females i.e. those with ≥ 5 spawning decisions used in the analyses as well as females with <5 spawning decisions. Their IDs, brood numbers and fathers are also included. Table S2 includes the spawning decisions of wild type females and F1 hybrid females. Table S3 includes the microsatellite genotype of all males used in the experiment as well as in which experimental round they were used. Table S4 includes microsatellite raw data of the offspring of the F2 females (q1-35 and 1-286), the wild type females (p and n) and the F1 hybrid females (pn and np), as well as the paternity analyses. Table S1. Spawning decisions of F2 hybrid females Page 2-3. Table S2. Spawning decisions of wild type females and F1 hybrid females Page 4. Table S3. Males used in the spawning experiment: Microsatellite genotypes and experimental round Page 5. Table S4. Microsatellite raw data and paternal analyses Page 4-142.