Electronic supplementary material from Dynamics of lumps and dark–dark solitons in the multi-component long-wave–short-wave resonance interaction system

General semi-rational solutions of an integrable multi-component (2 + 1)-dimensional long-wave–short-wave resonance interaction system comprising multiple short waves and single long wave are obtained by employing the bilinear method. These solutions describe interaction between various types of solutions including line rogue waves, lumps, breathers and dark solitons. We only focus on the dynamical behaviours of interaction between lumps and dark solitons in this paper. Our detailed study reveals two different types of excitation phenomena: fusion and fission. It is shown that the fundamental (simplest) semi-rational solutions can exhibit fission of a dark soliton into lump and a dark soliton or fusion of one lump and one dark soliton into a dark soliton. The non-fundamental semi-rational solutions are further classified into three subclasses: higher-order, multi- and mixed-type semi-rational solutions. The higher-order semi-rational solutions show the process of annihilation (production) of two or more lumps into (from) one dark soliton. The multi-semi-rational solutions describe <i>N</i>(<i>N</i>≥2) lumps annihilating into or producing from <i>N</i>-dark solitons. The mixed-type semi-rational solutions are a hybrid of higher-order semi-rational solutions and multi-semi-rational solutions. For the mixed-type semi-rational solutions, we demonstrate an interesting dynamical behaviour that is characterized by partial suppression or creation of lumps from the dark solitons.