Egyptian vulture mud bathing II

2017-03-29T17:48:58Z (GMT) by Mathijs van Overveld
Mud bathing by a second year and a fourth year male. Example showing that immature birds with dark plumages (one/two years old) also paint their feathers with red soil. The video also shows the differences in interest in the mud and intensity by which birds paint their feathers. Note the bird on the left in the first seconds of the video (third year male marked as 3T1). After tasting the water the bird seems disinterested. The third year male entering the bowl is very wary and concentrated and scrathches the mud for several minutes, but eventually decides not to paint its feathers. Also note the overall the diversity in intensity and patterning of rufous colours and the white adult (metal left) on the right, that showed no interest in the mud. Video taken on 25-8-2016 at 11:36 by T. van Overveld.