Efficient Treatment of Large Active Spaces through Multi-GPU Parallel Implementation of Direct Configuration Interaction

2020-02-14T15:13:50Z (GMT) by B. Scott Fales Todd J. Martínez
We have extended our graphical processing unit (GPU)-accelerated direct configuration interaction program to multiple devices, reducing iteration times for configuration spaces of 165 million determinants to only 3 s using NVIDIA P100 GPUs. Similar improvements in the one- and two-particle reduced density matrix formation allow for fast analytical energy gradients and electronic properties. Our parallel algorithm enables the calculation of arbitrarily large configuration spaces (limited only by available system memory), with iteration times of 13 min for an active space of 18 electrons in 18 orbitals (2.4 billion determinants) using six consumer grade NVIDIA 1080Ti GPUs. These advances enable routine molecular dynamics simulations, geometry optimizations, and absorption spectrum calculations for molecules with large configuration spaces, a task that has heretofore required massive computational effort. In this work, we demonstrate the utility of our program by generating the absorption spectrum for diphenyl acetylene at the floating occupation molecular orbital complete active space configuration interaction level of theory. Several active spaces were investigated to assess the dependence of spectral features on orbital space dimension.